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The Naked Pinoy Supports the Iglesia Ni Cristo

I agree that there are many people who hate the Iglesia Ni Cristo because of its doctrine in the salvation and Christ. It is because the INC teach the opposite of the belief of many people.

Actually the INC and the Roman Catholic Church have the same teaching on who will be saved in the day of judgment. Both churches teach that those who will be saved are those people inside the true church built by Christ, or the true Church of Christ. However, when asked which of the churches is the one true church of Christ, the INC and the RCC have their own answer to this. The RCC teach that the true church built by Christ is the Roman Catholic Church while the INC teach that it is the Iglesia Ni Cristo (Church of Christ).

Even if the INC and the RCC has the same teaching about this which is called by many as exclusive salvation, but it is the INC that is being persecuted by many because of this.

Protestants on the other hand believe that anyone who will believe in Christ will be saved in the day of judgment  regardless of the church he is affiliated with. This belief of course is the opposite of what the INC and the RCC teach.

Now, with regards to the teaching on the true God, almost all Christian churches persecute the INC because the INC is the only Christian religion that teaches that Christ is not the God nor part of the God but He is only the Son of God and that it is the Father who is the only true God.

By the way, the content of this blogpost doesn't really answer the title of this post. But I really support the Iglesia Ni Cristo.

Here's another blogpost about the INC: Iglesia Ni Cristo Scandal

The Naked Pinoy Still on Page 1

I know that Google is in a little bit dancing in terms of its ranking on the Naked Pinoy search. But at least, I am still happy because this blog is still listed on the first page of Google search result pages.

Actually, I was worried that I might lost that important SERP because many of those bloggers who participated the Pinay Scandal campaign has lost interest to it and deleted their post about it. In other words, I lost very important backlinks in which they help this blog to climb up into that first spot of the list.

I don't know how will the latest action of Pinay Scandal bloggers would affect my blog and the other blogs on the campaign. But I really need to do something that will help this blog survive the lost of backlinks.

I am thinking of initiating new campaign but I just don't have idea what to do and when to do.

For now, I will just do a research. I might find something good and better.

Hated by Google

Mukha yatang hindi na ito binibisita ng Google. Bakit? May nagawa ba akong masama? Ewan!

Maghuhuban na lang kaya ako sa kalsada baka kung muli ay bibisitahin ako ni Google dito. Kung link ang pag-uusapan ay marami namang mga website ang nakalink sa akin a. Bakit ayaw pa rin akong puntahan ni Google dito. Dahil ba taglay ko ang pangalang "Naked"?

How's Life

Oh, musta na ang buhay ng mga naked pinoy? Mukha yatang nilalamig na kayo.

By the way, lots of gays went to this site hoping that they will find any naked Pinoy photo here. Well, sorry for that. I am naked here while writing this post, but you'll never find any photos of me.

If you really want to see a naked body of Pinoy, then why not try to be naked and look at your own body.

Hayden Kho Scandals

For sure, Hayden Kho is like any other normal men and professionals. But what made him different is that it seems that he has no concern on the women he was dating with.

For example... Currently, the Sex Scandal that he created or recorded with Katrina Halili and other two women reached the Senate already. And it was reported the Sen Ramon Revilla Jr is now urging the authorities to suspend Hayden Kho from practicing medicine. He was even accused of mentally illed.

Can't Go Naked

I can't sleep tonight. My place is warm. I want to sleep naked but I have visitors here. Sometimes, I hate to have visitors in my house. I can't do what I want to do. If I will sleep naked and they'll find me like that, maybe they'll be thinking of something about me.

I think, I need to install new airconditioner here. I hate a place like this.

This place used to have airconditioner but it was destroyed. And I need to replace it.

Math Teacher on Sex Scandal

Another 29 years old Math Teacher who is involved in a sex scandal has been arrested for having a sexual relationship with a 14 years girl old student.

What happened this guy? What's in a 14 years old girl which he couldn't find in an 18 years old or above woman?

Guys like this couldn't be trusted even by their daughters.

Minister Held in Jail for Filming Teens in Sexual Act

I wonder why should a minister need to fool teens to perform sex for him while filming the whole sexual act? His supposed to be a role model to the society but then he is engaged on this sex scandal activity.

A Belle Glade Minister Rev. Richard Harris is, according to the news, accused of sexual battery, unlawful sexual activity with a minor, lewd and lascivious battery and showing obscene material to a child. It was learned by the authorities that Harris promised young teens to be sent to school or be popular in the football game if they'll perform sex in front of his camera.

The Glade community heard of rumors about that long before, but no one has the evidence to charge him.

One father of the boy victim when learned the case did nothing but to shed tears for what happened to his son.
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